Too many brownies

Another crazy weekend!

I spent the majority of the day baking for my bake sale on Saturday. I took a break to go to class and go on a bike ride, but baked from 8-11 and 7-2am! Craziness. I was really worried I wouldn’t have enough but clearly overestimated the amount of people that would be interested in buying my baked goods. Hmph.

I had:
– Chocolate chip cookies
– Healthy zucchini muffins
– Pumpkin muffins
– tons of brownies
– Peanut butter cookies
– Peanut butter and chocolate pretzel sandwiches

Too many desserts? Just ask my roommates who were begging me to take the treats away… after I had brought way more than half over to a house full of boys.

After the bake sale I attempted a run. I’ve been having pain in my quads during the past week which was probably the result of a Zumba class I took plus lifting and not stretching as much as I should be… I managed 2 miles at a run/walk, which was unbearable partly due to the heat and humidity.

BBQ was on the agenda for Saturday night. I brought my own veggie burger and piled on avocado, tomato, and cheese. Delicious. Even a certain meat-lover was pretty jealous of my creation ๐Ÿ˜‰

I tried to make it out, but was exhausted from staying up late and getting up early so I headed home around 10. Ha.

I slept in until almost 10am! Unheard of. I even went to bed at 11:30.

We got some bagels in the morning at our favorite bagel shop. I sprung for the Long Trail since it was basically lunchtime. The Long Trail is a bagel with turkey, sundried tomato spread, garlic & herb cream cheese, lettuce, and tomato. The first few bites were good, but the sundried tomato spread was not my cup of tea. I’m sticking with my bagels & cream cheese from now on.

I had an appointment at 1pm, but the person I was meeting didn’t show so I spent the afternoon working on my survey for my thesis. I managed to finish it and we just have a couple of things to work out before it can be submitted for approval.

I attended my first spin class at UVM on Sunday night. It was pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised. I also enjoyed that the bikes had computers so you could see how many rpms, miles, and calories burned. I also sweat so much, it was pretty gross (and awesome). I also completed my second workout of NROLFW 1A.

Today was pretty lazy. Woke up super late (again!) and ate breakfast at home since I wanted to go to a fitness class at 12:15. They had spinning AND yoga 12:15-1 both with super awesome instructors so I couldn’t choose! For the sake of my quads, I chose yoga. I was glad but my balance was so off! I really need to order new contacts. My glasses kept falling off during class and it really put a damper on my zen ๐Ÿ˜‰

The rest of the day I just chilled and did homework. I finally did a load of laundry tonight, so now I have nice smelling clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

I also want to do a quick weekly wrap-up of my workouts. As I’m getting closer to the half marathon, I really want (need!) to be sticking with my workouts. So let’s see…

Sunday: Rest (day after triathlon)
Monday: 16 mile bike ride + Zumba
Tuesday: 6×400 at 5k pace (3 miles) + Workout 1 NROLFW Stage 1A
Wednesday: 10 mile run + short bike ride
Thursday: Kundalini Yoga (1 hour) + Workout 1 NROLFW 1B
Friday: 16 mile bike ride
Saturday: 2 mile run

Not bad, not great. I need to step up my mileage and get in quality runs, not junk runs like Saturday’s. I also cut my speed workout short. I was supposed to do an 8×400, but I did it after work and was starving while I was doing it.

Here’s what’s up for this week:

Sunday: 50 minute spin class and Workout 2 NROLFW Stage 1A (done!)
Monday: 45 minute power yoga (done!)
Tuesday: 3 mile run + Workout 2 NROLFW Stage 1B
Wednesday: 8 mile run
Thursday: 4 mile run + yoga
Friday: yoga
Saturday: 5 mile race!



My family and I went up to North Conway for the weekend. I haven’t been up there since senior year of high school and my siblings haven’t been there since they were little. We used to go every year and spend the weekend going to Storyland and hanging out in North Conway. We were excited to go back!

My mom, brother, and I drove up on Friday because my sister had to work so she met us on Saturday. We stopped at the Cathedral Ledge viewpoint to see some amazing views of the White Mountains.

Unfortunately it was foggy so the views weren’t great, but it was still really cool to be up so high.

That night we ate at Horsefeathers, a restaurant in North Conway that my mom loves. After stuffing ourselves, we did a little shopping but it started to rain pretty hard so we went back to the condo.

On Saturday my mom, brother, and I all got up and went to the gym pretty early. I did 3 miles on the treadmill and then one outside because I was getting antsy. I tried to do some lifting, but couldn’t find the motivation.

We headed over to Attitash Mountain to spend the day there. It was fun to go back after so many years. When I was 10 or 11 my dad took us for the weekend to the same area and we did most of the same things. They have an alpine slide, which is basically like a giant slide that goes down the mountain, water slides, and something new this year which was a mountain coaster, like a roller coaster for the mountain. It was pretty cool.

The second night we decided to check out a new restaurant for dinner, the Moat Mountain Brewery. It was an experience, mostly due to the family with screeching children that instead of trying to calm them down, was egging them on. Not enjoyable but the food + beer made up for it! They had a selection of beers that they brew right there and I chose the “Violet B. Blueberry Beer.” It was a light beer, with the perfect amount of blueberry flavor.

For dinner I got the Spicy Black Bean Pizza. I was hesistant, I guess I expected it to be a regular pizza with black beans – which would have been disgusting – but it was like a black bean flatbread. So delicious!! So glad I still have two pieces…. yum.

The waiter was also kinda rude, but whatever. I’d go back again for the black bean pizza any day.

On Sunday my mom and I got up early to go for a walk on the Saco River Trail. It was really pretty with some surprising encounters.

Just a fake black bear in the middle of the woods... nbd.

My mom and I literally stood there for one full minute debating whether or not to walk past it. Of course it was fake, but that’s pretty mean!

Once we got over it and walked past it, we enjoyed some beautiful river views.

Eventually we turned around for fear of getting lost and went back and made pancakes. Funny story – on Saturday we tried to make pancakes but didn’t have any oil so we used peanut butter. It worked, but the pancakes were undercooked and burnt at the same time. Luckily we picked up some spray oil for Sunday’s pancakes.

After breakfast and packing up, we headed to Wildcat Mountain for some ziplining! I didn’t get any pictures because we couldn’t bring cameras on the zipline, but it was a half mile long and went up to 45mph! It was really cool.


After lunch we headed to the outlets before going home. I needed a pair of running shoes badly and so we checked out a couple of places before going to the Nike outlet.

One of the salesmen helped us out with finding a good shoe for me and even gave us a 30% discount card! I had been fitted for shoes at my local running store, but left the coupon they gave me at my house in Boston and there’s no way I can run the 10 mile race tomorrow in my old Nikes, so I decided to save the coupons for other running gear or shoes in the spring. I was fitted for a neutral shoe, so I could pick pretty much anything that didn’t offer extra stability or arch support.

Of the two he strongly recommended, I chose the Livestrong LunarElite + 2ย which were $100 originally, marked down to $80 because it was the outlet (but they’re also $80 on the Nike website..?) but with the 30% discount they came to $54. Major score! I also got a gym bag and this top that I have been wanting for so long, which is normally $25, was $20 at the outlet, and was even less because of the discount. Overall I spent $89, which included my mom’s water bottle. I had been prepared to spent $100+ on running shoes, so it worked out very well.

Getting sweet deals make me really happy.