Flashback: Seaside Stride 5k

This was an awesome race! It took place in my hometown at night AND I won my age group! Pretty awesome.

It started at 6pm so I had to figure out how to eat during the day so I didn’t feel gross while I was running. I had a normal breakfast (peanut butter with banana toast), salad and fruit for lunch, and a luna bar two hours before the race.

I had some awesome spectators. My mom, dad, aunt, and cousin were on the beach as I ran by and then I got to see my mom and dad as I ran towards the finish line. It was so nice seeing them halfway through and at the end.

I finished in 25:06 (my current PR) and had a great time running it. I was so surprised when they called my name for the 20-29 age group winner – I didn’t think I had won anything. I got a sweet beer glass which was sweet. I think I lucked out because the first place winner of my age group was first woman overall, so I got bumped to first! I’m not complaining πŸ™‚

All in all, a great race πŸ™‚


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