Flashback: Franklin SNETT 5k

Back when my mom and I finished our first 5k together, we immediately got on the computer to look up another one. We found a few that were being held when I was home for Easter, but chose this one because it was kinda close to our house.

As we were checking the weather the night before, it said it was supposed to rain right around 10am, when the race was supposed to start. Fantastic.

Luckily, it didn’t even start to drizzle until we both had finished and then it poured.

Anyway, we got ready and left the house very early since we had about a 45-minute drive to Franklin, MA.

We warmed up, got our bib numbers and (huge) t-shirts, and soon enough the race began!

I started off kinda fast (of course) and so I took it down pretty quickly so I wouldn’t burn out. I did beat my previous PR of 25:56 and finished in 25:10.

We hung around for the awards and raffles – we entered to win some sweet prizes but didn’t win anything 😦

Great race! It was their first time putting it on and everything was very well organized.


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