Flashback: Equinox 10k Trail Race

Since I just started this blog recently, I wanted to start writing recaps of past races so I’d have them to look back on!

This is going in backwards chronological order, I ran this race in June, 2011. My mom and I drove to Burlington the night before to move me in to my apartment. I was staying at home for a few weeks before my job started because I don’t get a lot of opportunities to do that.

We got in late the night before, ate some pizza, and went to bed. I woke up early and went out to get English muffins and peanut butter from Dunkin Donuts, since I had no food.

The race was about 25 minutes away and I still needed to register so we left pretty early. I was running the 10k race and my mom considered the 5k, but decided not to. She ran the course anyway to kill time waiting for me 🙂

The course was two loops (which I didn’t know – always look at course maps!) so I killed it during the 5k, then had another lap to go. Sweet.

I finished in 1:06, don’t have the splits since it was pre-Garmin but it wasn’t pretty. It was a trail run, very hilly, and HOT. I was doing a walk/run towards the end and was convinced my time was around 1.5 hours so I was happy with 1:06.


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