Successful 8

After Saturday’s not so great run, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about today’s 8. Saturday’s spin class was a good way to exercise my legs without too much impact. I also managed 3 awesome miles yesterday (avg. pace 8:58!). Not too shabby.

The pain that I felt last week, a combination of Zumba and lifting, was not something I want to happen again, if I can help it. NROLFW is going back on the shelf until after the half marathon craziness is over. I think spending the winter improving my strength and running will a good way to spend the chilly months. Esp. up here in the tundra. Although a marathon doesn’t sound like such a horrible idea..

Back to the run! I had my alarm set for 6, didn’t run until 7. I didn’t want to start running while it was dark so I waited around. I actually stretched beforehand, so that made things easier. I ran a new route since it was raining and I wanted to be close to my apartment in case the skies opened up on me my phone. Also, not really sure if my Garmin should be getting wet…? I’m guessing a little rain is okay.

The 8 miles took me about 1:22, which was pretty slow for me but I took into account the rain and everything. Plus, it IS a long run and I should be staying in the 10:00/mile range anyway. My average pace was 10:15/mile so I was happy.

Good long run! I spent the rest of the day refueling. A bag of yogurt raisins may or may not have been demolished in Spanish class. I also had a couple of the delicious peanut butter chocolate pretzels. There was healthy stuff too! Some rice cakes + pb&j for lunch and a clif z bar, because I’m 5 years old.

I’m hanging out on campus right now because I’m going to go to the running club’s general meeting. I’m a little intimidated by the running club, but I figured I needed to suck it up and go to the first meeting because there probably is nothing to worry about.

On the agenda for tomorrow: 4 mile run (with a pup!) and possibly a yoga class. I have much less homework than I thought, although my thesis isn’t going to start writing itself…


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