Try a Tri!

I’m a triathlete!

Yesterday I took part in the last of the triathlon series held by Race Vermont. It was a sprint distance – 500 yard swim, 15.8 mile bike, and 5k. I got everything ready Friday night and felt SO unprepared. Whenever I read tri recaps on blogs, they made it sound like they had so much stuff!

I woke up early on Saturday to eat and finish getting ready. We got to the beach around 7am to pick up my packet, since I couldn’t the day before, and set up my transition area. I got everything set up and walked around the beach a bit to ease my nerves.

The Race
We began with a pre-race meeting outlining the course and last-minute details. The men went out around 8:10 and the women went out three minutes later. The water was COLD. Not freezing, but I definitely wouldn’t have gone it had it been just a day at the beach.

The second I put my face in the water to start swimming, my throat closed up and I couldn’t blow water out my nose. I was so scared and contemplated for a split second turning around and giving up. I knew I’d be so upset with myself if I did that, so I sucked it up and tried to get through the swim. I did a mix of doggy paddling, butterfly, and back stroke just to finish. I definitely didn’t put in a ton of time in the pool, but I know how to swim. I should have done more open water swimming!

I also cut my foot on some barnacles and could feel it while swimming… not fun. I made it through and went through my first transition fairly quickly.

The bike was. awesome. I passed a few people, but mostly just tried to focus on going my pace and achieving the goals I had set for myself. It was a two loop course, which I’ve done 2 or 3 times now so I knew where the tough hills were and how to pace for them. I finished in 1:01, which was great!!

The run was good, but I was mostly ready to finish. The run was an out and back and I finished in around 29 minutes.

I’m excited to train this winter and improve my speed in all three areas before tackling another one!


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