True Life: My Computer is Dead


It’s obvious technology plays a large role in the world today. For instance, the kids I babysit for play Monopoly and Life on their iPad rather than using the board games. It’s sad when I suggest playing chess and the iPad gets taken out before the chess board. Now, I’m not placing the blame on anyone in particular. That’s how life is today and how kids are brought up. This is a simpler and much more cost-effective way to provide entertainment for kids (I guess it could also be more environmentally friendly? Less paper/cardboard used for distribution? We’ll just ignore the fact that the factories producing Apple products are not harmful at all). One click and a new game is ready to play. Simple.

Technology plays such a large role in our everyday lives that we take it for granted.

I’ll get off my soap box now and admit that I’m at somewhat of a loss without my laptop. I had to bring it in today to get looked at and it will be away from me for 3-5 business days or until they figure out what’s wrong with it.

As I was starting to bake cookies earlier (can you say awesome Friday night? I think so). I went to grab my laptop to put on an episode of the Office to have on in the background. It just made me think of how engrained technology is in our lives and maybe sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that all these new types of technology are not necessary and can be definitely overused.

I write this from my iPhone which I used to play music from and look up the recipe for baking these cookies, so I’m not totally living in the stone age over here.


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