Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile Road Race

On Tuesday, my mom and I headed up to Newburyport, MA for the Yankee Homecoming. She was running the 5k and I decided to run the 10 mile. Back in June when I was starting to think about my training plan, I had considered running a 10 mile race in RI last weekend but decided not to because I didn’t think I’d be ready for it. My mom had mentioned signing up for a 5k and there happened to be a 10 mile option as well, so I decided to go for it.

I have mixed feelings about night races. I love waking up early and getting ready for a race first thing, but it also helped that I could eat all day in preparation of running 10 miles. I haven’t tried taking fuel during races or long runs so I don’t know how it agrees with me.

We were worried about being late so we left my mom’s office at 3:45. We got to Newburyport at 5pm and registered without a problem. That left us with over an hour until the start time (6pm for her, 6:10pm for me). We meandered around, stretched, warmed up, and before we knew it, it was time to line up! We were really worried there would be rain since thunderstorms were predicted, but luckily Newburyport missed out on all the bad weather (which was weird because all of the surrounding towns had heavy downpours/hail).

I saw my mom off for her race and then headed to the 10 mile start. It was really cool being part of a much larger race than I’m used to. There were over 1000 people running in the 10 mile, I think, and there were even pace groups! I’m used to running teeny tiny races so it was an experience.

The course itself was beautiful. Mostly flat with some small hills but the spectators were amazing. There were tons of water stops and hoses being sprayed on the runners. You could tell it was a big event in the town, everyone came out to support the runners and walkers. It was cool because each mile had about 4-5 water stops, just because people set up their own.

I finished in 1:32, with a 9:13/mile pace. My Garmin says I finished 10.14 miles in 1:32 with a 9:05/mile pace and I like those stats better. Either way, it was an awesome race. I felt great, despite some side stitches, and ran the WHOLE TIME. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to walk so badly at mile 9.5 because I could feel a blister forming and my legs were killing.

1: 8:56
2: 9:03
3: 9:05
4: 9:09
5: 9:16
6: 9:22
7: 8:50
8: 9:08
9: 9:04
10: 9:05
.14: 1:32 (8:27 pace)

Definitely my best and strongest race to date. Can’t wait until September 25th!!!


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