Half-Marathon Training: Week 5, Triathlon Training: Week 4

Since I just started this blog, weeks 1-4 are missing. I’ll put them up somehow, once I figure out a way to…

This week went well. I got in my first brick and biked a lot, plus I did a decent amount of cross training. Unfortunately I had this week off from work, so not every week can look like this. I’m hoping that once school starts, I can pull off more weeks like this. It’s hard because I work from 7:30-5:30 most days and have a half an hour commute. I could also be getting up earlier, so we’ll see. I’m off this coming week so I’m going to try to get a lot in!!

Oh yeah, and I’m doing a triathlon on August 27th.

Running: 18.5 miles

Biking: 38.8 miles


Sunday: Bike 4 miles

Monday: 9 mile bike ride + BodyPump

Tuesday: 9 mile run + Zumba

Wednesday: Rest/Travel

Thursday: Brick workout:  15.8 mile bike ride (1:15:40) + 2m run (17:49)

Friday: 10 mile bike (49:18) + 7×400 speed workout (31:30)

Saturday: 4m run (37:00)


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