Try a Tri!

I’m a triathlete!

Yesterday I took part in the last of the triathlon series held by Race Vermont. It was a sprint distance – 500 yard swim, 15.8 mile bike, and 5k. I got everything ready Friday night and felt SO unprepared. Whenever I read tri recaps on blogs, they made it sound like they had so much stuff!

I woke up early on Saturday to eat and finish getting ready. We got to the beach around 7am to pick up my packet, since I couldn’t the day before, and set up my transition area. I got everything set up and walked around the beach a bit to ease my nerves.

The Race
We began with a pre-race meeting outlining the course and last-minute details. The men went out around 8:10 and the women went out three minutes later. The water was COLD. Not freezing, but I definitely wouldn’t have gone it had it been just a day at the beach.

The second I put my face in the water to start swimming, my throat closed up and I couldn’t blow water out my nose. I was so scared and contemplated for a split second turning around and giving up. I knew I’d be so upset with myself if I did that, so I sucked it up and tried to get through the swim. I did a mix of doggy paddling, butterfly, and back stroke just to finish. I definitely didn’t put in a ton of time in the pool, but I know how to swim. I should have done more open water swimming!

I also cut my foot on some barnacles and could feel it while swimming… not fun. I made it through and went through my first transition fairly quickly.

The bike was. awesome. I passed a few people, but mostly just tried to focus on going my pace and achieving the goals I had set for myself. It was a two loop course, which I’ve done 2 or 3 times now so I knew where the tough hills were and how to pace for them. I finished in 1:01, which was great!!

The run was good, but I was mostly ready to finish. The run was an out and back and I finished in around 29 minutes.

I’m excited to train this winter and improve my speed in all three areas before tackling another one!


My bike is back!

I’m currently watching When Harry Met Sally. What does that say about my day?

It actually wasn’t horrible. I’m just anxious for work to be over and school to start. I got out at 2, which was a nice surprise and went to pick up my bike from the shop. It didn’t cost me too much and I also picked up a pair of sweet bike shorts (20% off!!). I wasn’t actually planning to buy bike shorts for the tri but I got a really good price and I can wear them under pants in the winter! One of my goals for the winter off season from racing/training for races is to improve my fitness for triathlons.

After I picked up the bike, I took it out for a test run. Verdict? Muuuch better. I can actually PEDAL up a hill rather than almost roll back down it. It was something with a cable… somewhere… I don’t know anything about bikes so I trusted the bike tech.

Now I’m watching When Harry Met Sally and just finished some cookie dough ice cream. Yes.

Busy Bri

I’ve been SO busy lately. I am taking tonight to relax and get my life in order before the craziness of this week sets in.

Let’s look at my to do list:

-Bake lots of goodies for Sunday’s bake sale
-Gather items for TNT raffle
-Prepare for Wednesday’s participant session
-Work on survey for thesis
-Finishing training for a triathlon (?!)

All while babysitting all day. I’m actually done early on Wednesday so I plan to cram a final brick workout + lots of items on my to do list off then.

This past week was just as crazy! I ended up having Friday off which was amazing considering I had so much to do, I don’t know what I would have done if I had had to work!

I’m working on my Honors thesis and had my first 14 participants this weekend! Friday was spent putting together participant packets and getting everything ready for the weekend. Saturday I had participants at 11 and 1 and the same on Sunday. I have a lot more coming on Wednesday/this weekend so I’m hopeful for getting all the data I need!

My workouts last week were laughable – although after peeking at my training log, I got in 17 miles so it wasn’t awful.

Thursday night I did an 11.5 mile bike and 4 mile run. It felt so hard, but I got it done. Reward came in the form of Moe’s + ice cream. Yes. And answering the 200+ emails that came in over the week for my study.

Friday was a lame excuse for a swim in Lake Champlain. We probably did 400 meters. It was good because it was open water and I freaked out that I couldn’t touch, but it wasn’t a great workout. I had plans to wake up early for a run or something but didn’t get to sleep until after 3 for some reason so I slept in a bit.

Saturday I failed to wake up for yoga even though I desperately need it because I was up too late. I did go for an 8 mile run which salvaged my mileage for the week.

Sunday I made it out of bed and to the beach by 7 for a brick workout. I biked 15.8 miles and ran 3.1 on the triathlon course. It was awesome and I felt way slightly more confident about Saturday. I also swam 550ish meters in the afternoon! Sweet redemption.

And this morning I got up early for a run! 3.5 miles before 7:30 was pretty awesome except my legs felt so heavy from yesterday. I didn’t have to be at work until 9 and knew I would be exhausted after and skip it, so I got it over with. Then I got out at 3 today. Oh well. I had time to bring my bike down to get tuned up + lay in bed all afternoon – win?

I’m going to write down my plan for the rest of the week so I stick to it! I had plans to swim 2-3 times this week but my gym is closed for the week and the other gym I can go to closed the pool this week. I need some kind of back up plan…

Tuesday: Swim (?) and/or bike
Wednesday: 20 minute swim + 10 mile bike + 2 mile run
Thursday: 9 mile run
Friday: Swim (?) and/or yoga video
Saturday: Triathlon!!
Sunday: REST



I was hoping to have a nice, relaxing weekend. This weekend was anything but relaxing, but a lot of fun!

Friday night I made cookies and was in bed by 10pm. Awesome.

Saturday I had to be at the triathlon by 6:30 so I got up at the crack of dawn. I was surprisingly not as tired as when I have to get up that early for work. I helped with parking and then headed over to the water station at the 5k turnaround point. It was a great morning, all of the athletes were so inspirational. I had doubts about doing it in two weeks but I’m feeling a bit more confident.

I had planned to do a brick workout but after my swim I got a phone call from a friend needing a ride, so I didn’t get to the bike ride until an hour later. I ended up doing 17 on the bike but no run since breakfast happened at 5:45am and it was getting close to 2:30.

I did some shopping after and got new goggles, lycra bathing cap, a stopwatch, and some sweet new sunglasses for $5. The less I spend on sunglasses the less it hurts when I break them two weeks later.

I went out to dinner Saturday night. We went to The Single Pebble downtown and it was amazing. We got a few seafood dishes, a chicken and a beef dish. We also got their dumpling sampler which was delicious. They brought out the lo mein after we had stuffed ourselves completely so I’m not sure how that was but I’ll probably be eating it as leftovers later! We headed over to Das Bierhaus for a drink afterwards. I had never been there before and it reminded me of Disney World, haha. For outside seating they had picnic tables and the storefront just looked like a restaurant in Epcot or Magic Kingdom.

Sunday was long and busy too but lots of fun! We traveled down to Williamstown, MA to go to The Clark museum. It was a lot bigger than we’d anticipated. There were also a lot of people there. Along with the Pissarro exhibit which was their temporary exhibit, they had a lot of great art. They even had a Degas ballerina!

The drive down took about 3 hours and the drive home took 5.5. How does that happen?? We ended up on Route 7 West instead of Route 7 North. 7W goes through New York State but eventually meets up with 7N. After taking a ferry across Lake Champlain, which our directions failed to mention. So we got to see a lot of both highways and made it back by 8:30pm.

It was a fun trip though and nice to get out of Burlington for the day.

Today involves babysitting and a swim + 4.5 mile run that I did not do yesterday.


True Life: My Computer is Dead


It’s obvious technology plays a large role in the world today. For instance, the kids I babysit for play Monopoly and Life on their iPad rather than using the board games. It’s sad when I suggest playing chess and the iPad gets taken out before the chess board. Now, I’m not placing the blame on anyone in particular. That’s how life is today and how kids are brought up. This is a simpler and much more cost-effective way to provide entertainment for kids (I guess it could also be more environmentally friendly? Less paper/cardboard used for distribution? We’ll just ignore the fact that the factories producing Apple products are not harmful at all). One click and a new game is ready to play. Simple.

Technology plays such a large role in our everyday lives that we take it for granted.

I’ll get off my soap box now and admit that I’m at somewhat of a loss without my laptop. I had to bring it in today to get looked at and it will be away from me for 3-5 business days or until they figure out what’s wrong with it.

As I was starting to bake cookies earlier (can you say awesome Friday night? I think so). I went to grab my laptop to put on an episode of the Office to have on in the background. It just made me think of how engrained technology is in our lives and maybe sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that all these new types of technology are not necessary and can be definitely overused.

I write this from my iPhone which I used to play music from and look up the recipe for baking these cookies, so I’m not totally living in the stone age over here.

It’s Fridaaaaay

I’m pumped it’s Friday, but I have a pretty crazy weekend so finding time for some quality sleep/relaxation maaay not happen.

Right now I’m waiting to find out when I need to go to work so I’m just getting some random things done at my house until I find out. After work I’m hoping to get to the gym to swim. I actually got up early today to run 5 miles but my legs were like lead! I finished in over 50 minutes which was frustrating because I ran 8 miles faster than that on Wednesday. I just couldn’t seem to get into a groove.

Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the sprint triathlon in Burlington for the second time. This time I need to be there by 6:30 (ouch) and will stay through 11am. It’s really fun to volunteer at this type of thing and so inspiring. I’m hoping to complete my first tri on August 27th but I’m so nervous. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to go through with it. I have been training but work + half marathon training, which is obviously priority #1, has not left me with very much time. I know I can handle the bike and run, I’m just super concerned about the swim. We’ll see… Official brick #1 will take place after triathlon volunteering. 500m swim + 15.8 mile bike + 5k is on the books. Uhhh, yeah. Hopefully that happens and goes well.

Sunday my friends and I have plans to visit a Pisarro museum in Williamstown, MA. It’s about a 3-hour ride, but should be fun! I also need to squeeze in a little 6.5 mile run.


Happy Friday!

Crazy Busy

Long time, no blog.

Life has been busy. Where did I leave off?

The rest of my week at home was fairly busy with getting my car fixed and helping my mom out at the office. I managed to fit in some good workouts, nothing too exciting.

The weekend was spent getting ready for my cousin’s college graduation party. I made butterscotch marshmallow fudge for the occasion. I don’t have any pictures though, they went too fast! 😉 However, I WILL be making them again in the very near future. I actually made a batch of chocolate chip brownies from a box just in case, since I’d never made the fudge before and the brownies ended up hard as rocks while the fudge came out perfectly. Oh well.

On Sunday I packed up and drove back to VT. It was a long drive, mostly because I got stuck in traffic at the beginning but I got home at a decent hour. I went out to dinner Sunday night at a restaurant in Winooski called Our House. It was delicious (as always). I got the portabella mushroom burger (as always) and loved every bite.

Monday I started work again after a two week vacation. I love my job, but it’s hard getting back after a long vacation. Especially since I’ve been averaging 6-7 hours of sleep per night since Sunday night. I’m going to bed extra early tonight….

Today was a short day due to some car trouble (ahem, new alternator) so now I’m poor. Oh well. I had time to head downtown and hang some posters for my research study. I also hit up Borders to look around since everything is 20-50% off and picked up New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women. Despite the current state of my bank account, now seemed like the best time to purchase it. I really want to develop a solid weight lifting routine but feel like I always do the same exercises over and over. I’m hoping this will help!

I’m off to get my life together (aka clean my room and go to the gym before coming home to make dinner + sleep!)

Yankee Homecoming 10 Mile Road Race

On Tuesday, my mom and I headed up to Newburyport, MA for the Yankee Homecoming. She was running the 5k and I decided to run the 10 mile. Back in June when I was starting to think about my training plan, I had considered running a 10 mile race in RI last weekend but decided not to because I didn’t think I’d be ready for it. My mom had mentioned signing up for a 5k and there happened to be a 10 mile option as well, so I decided to go for it.

I have mixed feelings about night races. I love waking up early and getting ready for a race first thing, but it also helped that I could eat all day in preparation of running 10 miles. I haven’t tried taking fuel during races or long runs so I don’t know how it agrees with me.

We were worried about being late so we left my mom’s office at 3:45. We got to Newburyport at 5pm and registered without a problem. That left us with over an hour until the start time (6pm for her, 6:10pm for me). We meandered around, stretched, warmed up, and before we knew it, it was time to line up! We were really worried there would be rain since thunderstorms were predicted, but luckily Newburyport missed out on all the bad weather (which was weird because all of the surrounding towns had heavy downpours/hail).

I saw my mom off for her race and then headed to the 10 mile start. It was really cool being part of a much larger race than I’m used to. There were over 1000 people running in the 10 mile, I think, and there were even pace groups! I’m used to running teeny tiny races so it was an experience.

The course itself was beautiful. Mostly flat with some small hills but the spectators were amazing. There were tons of water stops and hoses being sprayed on the runners. You could tell it was a big event in the town, everyone came out to support the runners and walkers. It was cool because each mile had about 4-5 water stops, just because people set up their own.

I finished in 1:32, with a 9:13/mile pace. My Garmin says I finished 10.14 miles in 1:32 with a 9:05/mile pace and I like those stats better. Either way, it was an awesome race. I felt great, despite some side stitches, and ran the WHOLE TIME. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to walk so badly at mile 9.5 because I could feel a blister forming and my legs were killing.

1: 8:56
2: 9:03
3: 9:05
4: 9:09
5: 9:16
6: 9:22
7: 8:50
8: 9:08
9: 9:04
10: 9:05
.14: 1:32 (8:27 pace)

Definitely my best and strongest race to date. Can’t wait until September 25th!!!

Stuffed Shells & Goals for August

Whoa, today is the first day of August?!? Where has the summer gone? While I’m excited to start school (nerd alert), I love the summer. I have a newfound appreciation for the nice weather after such a long and cold winter. I’m not quite ready for snow but apple picking & foliage season will be nice!

Since today is the first day of a new month and the beginning of this little blog, I decided to do a post on my goals for August.

21 day yoga challenge

I’m ashamed to say it, but I rarely stretch after running. It’s so bad but honestly after a long run, I just want to shower and eat, then relax. I need to be stretching so incorporating yoga into my every day routine will be a welcomed change.

I won’t be able to attend a yoga class everyday so for the days I can’t go, I’ll do at least a 10-20 minute podcast/online video.


Lift 2x per week
Strength training has improved my running and I’ve kinda let it fall to the wayside. I want to lift twice a week. It’s not difficult for me to get to BodyPump but it’s hard for me to motivate myself to lift on my own. I just feel like I’m not doing it right and that I’m wasting my time.

Cook two new recipes per week
Recipe #1 – check!
I cooked these today for my family and they loved them. I had to sub parmesan cheese for the nutritional yeast. I don’t think the Stop & Shop by my house carries it and I didn’t want to make the trip to Whole Foods, since I’m not even sure they have a bulk section. They were fine without it and I didn’t lose any flavor since I added the cheese.

I have some other recipes in mind for the rest of the week. There might even be more than two!

Read a book
I literally haven’t had time all summer to read, unless you count the Magic Tree House series I’m reading with the little boy I babysit. I work long hours and when I get home, I run or go to the gym, eat dinner, and crash in bed. I want to read one full book before the summer is over. I couldn’t wait for the school year to end to read something other than my biopsych textbook and I have yet to open one. Sad.



Today was actually pretty boring. I got up around 5:20 for a 6am spin class. My gym offers classes really early and really late in the evening so I decided to just get up early and go.

After class I ran a mile on the treadmill at my house to test out my new running shoes. They felt good, but a little loose around the heel. I watched a tutorial on tying running shoes on and fixed the problem!

I spent the rest of the day watching tv/movies and looking up recipes in some cookbooks. I ended up finding the stuffed shell recipe online and went to the store to pick up some ingredients.

I’m off to finish up this episode of Criminal Minds and then go to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow since I’m running the Yankee Homecoming 10 mile race tomorrow night! Getting nervous!!


My family and I went up to North Conway for the weekend. I haven’t been up there since senior year of high school and my siblings haven’t been there since they were little. We used to go every year and spend the weekend going to Storyland and hanging out in North Conway. We were excited to go back!

My mom, brother, and I drove up on Friday because my sister had to work so she met us on Saturday. We stopped at the Cathedral Ledge viewpoint to see some amazing views of the White Mountains.

Unfortunately it was foggy so the views weren’t great, but it was still really cool to be up so high.

That night we ate at Horsefeathers, a restaurant in North Conway that my mom loves. After stuffing ourselves, we did a little shopping but it started to rain pretty hard so we went back to the condo.

On Saturday my mom, brother, and I all got up and went to the gym pretty early. I did 3 miles on the treadmill and then one outside because I was getting antsy. I tried to do some lifting, but couldn’t find the motivation.

We headed over to Attitash Mountain to spend the day there. It was fun to go back after so many years. When I was 10 or 11 my dad took us for the weekend to the same area and we did most of the same things. They have an alpine slide, which is basically like a giant slide that goes down the mountain, water slides, and something new this year which was a mountain coaster, like a roller coaster for the mountain. It was pretty cool.

The second night we decided to check out a new restaurant for dinner, the Moat Mountain Brewery. It was an experience, mostly due to the family with screeching children that instead of trying to calm them down, was egging them on. Not enjoyable but the food + beer made up for it! They had a selection of beers that they brew right there and I chose the “Violet B. Blueberry Beer.” It was a light beer, with the perfect amount of blueberry flavor.

For dinner I got the Spicy Black Bean Pizza. I was hesistant, I guess I expected it to be a regular pizza with black beans – which would have been disgusting – but it was like a black bean flatbread. So delicious!! So glad I still have two pieces…. yum.

The waiter was also kinda rude, but whatever. I’d go back again for the black bean pizza any day.

On Sunday my mom and I got up early to go for a walk on the Saco River Trail. It was really pretty with some surprising encounters.

Just a fake black bear in the middle of the woods... nbd.

My mom and I literally stood there for one full minute debating whether or not to walk past it. Of course it was fake, but that’s pretty mean!

Once we got over it and walked past it, we enjoyed some beautiful river views.

Eventually we turned around for fear of getting lost and went back and made pancakes. Funny story – on Saturday we tried to make pancakes but didn’t have any oil so we used peanut butter. It worked, but the pancakes were undercooked and burnt at the same time. Luckily we picked up some spray oil for Sunday’s pancakes.

After breakfast and packing up, we headed to Wildcat Mountain for some ziplining! I didn’t get any pictures because we couldn’t bring cameras on the zipline, but it was a half mile long and went up to 45mph! It was really cool.


After lunch we headed to the outlets before going home. I needed a pair of running shoes badly and so we checked out a couple of places before going to the Nike outlet.

One of the salesmen helped us out with finding a good shoe for me and even gave us a 30% discount card! I had been fitted for shoes at my local running store, but left the coupon they gave me at my house in Boston and there’s no way I can run the 10 mile race tomorrow in my old Nikes, so I decided to save the coupons for other running gear or shoes in the spring. I was fitted for a neutral shoe, so I could pick pretty much anything that didn’t offer extra stability or arch support.

Of the two he strongly recommended, I chose the Livestrong LunarElite + 2 which were $100 originally, marked down to $80 because it was the outlet (but they’re also $80 on the Nike website..?) but with the 30% discount they came to $54. Major score! I also got a gym bag and this top that I have been wanting for so long, which is normally $25, was $20 at the outlet, and was even less because of the discount. Overall I spent $89, which included my mom’s water bottle. I had been prepared to spent $100+ on running shoes, so it worked out very well.

Getting sweet deals make me really happy.