Brick #1

Yesterday I drove back to Boston for a doctor’s appointment and I’ll be here for the next week and a half. My family going to NH for the weekend and my cousin’s grad party is next weekend, so it makes sense to hang around for a bit. Except that I JUST realized I left all my dark clothes (and yes it is all of my dark clothes since I rarely do laundry) in my apartment, which includes my two favorite pairs of running shorts. Ughhh.

In more exciting news, I got my first road bike last night!!! It’s a Univega Mixte 10-speed (as if that means anything to me). I found it on Craigslist and after pulling up + deeming the house not that creepy, we looked at the bike. I rode it around and made my lack of knowledge of how to ride a road bike very clear when the guy showed me how to switch gears, use the brakes, actually hold my hands on the handlebars, etc.

I decided to buy it because it really was in good condition and will serve its purpose, i.e. to get me through the biking part of the sprint triathlon. So I’m excited! I haven’t ridden it yet because I slept approximately 9 hours last night and have to wait around today for my windshield to be replaced. I’m itching to get outside and ride it. I might just go outside now… just to look at it.

On the agenda for today is a one hour bike + 1-2 mile run.. my first brick! I also need to swim at some point, since I declared yesterday a rest day. Food shopping also needs to happen at some point. Hopefully the windshield guys will come soon!


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