9 Miles

I honestly never thought I’d say this but…. I just ran 9 miles!!

Let’s back up. If you’ve read my running story, then you know I’m a fairly new runner. While I spent four years running when I was younger, there was quite the long hiatus. (Fun fact: last year when my friend told me she was going for a 2 mile run, I honestly thought it was the longest distance ever.)

So seeing 9 miles on my schedule was fairly daunting. Although I ran an 8 mile race last week, I knew I would finish the race. Physically, I knew I could do it. Mentally, the spectators and friends/family that knew I was running would get me through it. Also, they gave out really sweet t-shirts and knew I couldn’t wear it if I didn’t finish. ANYWAYS, 9 miles is a lot of miles to run by yourself.

I was actually supposed to run yesterday but couldn’t sleep the night before and would have had to get up at 5am just to eat before I started running at 7 and for some reason in my sleepless state of panic I could not fathom the idea of running after 8am so I changed it to a XT day. I slept better last night, woke up and had some toast, and then went out for my run around 10am. This was probably not the best idea since I ate at 7:15 and put off going for the run for a couple hours.

So 10am came and I pulled myself out of bed to go running. I had the bright idea of stopping for water since it was hot and I was thirsty. Drinking cold water = cramps. Actually, drinking any water while running for me = cramps. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to fuel for my half-marathon. Gotta work on that. I’m pretty sure I ran the whole time with a side stitch. But did that stop me from stopping around mile 7 for tons of water? No. Mile 7-9 were fun.

I employed the walk one minute run three minute technique. I actually finished the run at a 10:54 pace, which is right around my easy pace for long runs. It’s silly though, because my 8 miler was done at a 9:27 pace, which I could have hit for a 9 mile run. I am incapable of running to my full potential when no else is there.

The rest of the afternoon involved an amazing sandwich that I promised myself if I made it through all 9 miles.

I had a meeting at the lab really quick and spent the rest of the afternoon sending e-mails about recruiting participants for my honors project. Eeeek. Very nerve-wracking. I hope people sign up.


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