My Running Story

So, I decided to start a blog to help me keep track of my workouts and hold me accountable for training. I figured a little intro to my running background would be fitting for a first post.

I signed up for cross-country in fifth grade, because one of my best friends signed up and I didn’t really have anything better to do after school. I continuously finished last during our runs after school, but it didn’t bother me too much. I didn’t take it that seriously but I had a lot of fun doing it. I eventually got better and in seventh and eighth grade I started placing in races. Unfortunately, the high school I attended didn’t have a cross-country team, so I switched to lacrosse and stopped running.

Fast-forward to my sophomore year of college when I tried to start the “Couch-to-5k” running program. I thought that 1 minute of running and 2 minutes of walking was way too easy. Needless to say, I didn’t run my first 5k that year. I could barely finish a mile.

I started taking running more seriously when I got back from Spain in December 2010. I started reading healthy living + fitness blogs and figured if other people could do it, so could I. These other people were just like me, starting from scratch. I began to run a mile, then two and eventually working up to 5. The day I ran 5 miles was the day I felt like a runner.

In March, I ran my first 5k with my mom. I ran my second three weeks later. On Sunday I finished an 8 mile race, a personal distance record for me. On September 25th, 2011 I will run a half marathon. I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come and I’m so happy to be running again.


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