Flashback: Spring Fling 5k

My first race! Well, first race in about 10 years. I ran in middle school and actually ran my first 5k in 8th grade. I finished in 28ish minutes and remember feeling so dead throughout the race.

My mom came up to VT on Friday night and the race was on Saturday. We woke up early, ate some PB and banana toast, and headed off to the race. It was held at a sports club so we were able to wait inside for the race to start. It was a cooold morning (it was March in VT) so I wore a long sleeved shirt along with a fleece.

The course was an out-and-back, up a hill and then back down to the club. I ran this whole race pretty conservatively and steadily. I didn’t go out too fast and didn’t need to slow down. I definitely could have pushed it at the end. I finished in 26:58 with my PR now at 25:03.

The rest of the day was spent eating cheese + chocolate in Waterbury, VT with a delicious dinner at American Flatbread after. It was a great day.


Flashback: HOBY VT 5k

This was the race I signed up for immediately after running my first 5k. It was about three weeks after the Spring Fling 5k. I made my boyfriend get up early with me to accompany me to the race. I had to promise bagels, but I was happy I had a spectator!

I didn’t really listen to the directions about the race course, which was half on a trail and half on a road, so I killed it during the first loop, hanging behind the leading pack. The second loop I did much slower, but still had a PR of a full minute!

It was a really fun race and the bagel reward was pretty sweet, too.